ASME Code Constructed National Board Registered Storage Tank

CEMLINE® tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest A.S.M.E. Code regulations using pressure vessel quality plate and certified welders. An A.S.M.E. code certificate is provided and all vessels are registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Vessels are normally built for 125 psig maximum working pressure but can be furnished for pressures as low as 15 psig and as high as 500 psig.


CEMLINE has held the original patent for STONESTEEL hydraulic cement lining since 1936. This proven design prevents rust and corrosion common to metal tanks. The STONESTEEL lining is applied as a continuous arch against the metal wall and has the same thermal coefficient of expansion as the steel tank shell. This is an advantage in that even extreme and rapid temperature changes have no ill effect on the STONESTEEL lining. Tanks 36" and larger in diameter are provided with wire mesh welded to inside tank walls to insure a permanent bonding of the lining to tank.

Stainless Steel Threaded Connections

CEMLINE STONESTEEL tanks are manufactured with stainless steel threaded openings and all non-corrosive piping. This design insures that the water never contacts corrosive metal, and offers the owner the guarantee of exceptionally long tank life.

3" Fiberglass Insulation

CEMLINE heaters are furnished with 3" thick Fiberglass insulation. This high quality insulation conforms to the latest ASHRAE standards for commercial water heaters, and has proven to be an extremely reliable means of minimizing heat loss.

20 Gauge Steel Jacket with Hammertone Enamel Finish

CEMLINE packaged units are neatly and attractively covered with a 20 gauge steel jacket over the Fiberglass insulation. The jacket protects the insulation, and is professionally painted with superior quality enamel to allow the added importance of an easy to maintain surface.

Structural I-beam Support Skid Base

CEMLINE heaters are mounted on structural I-Beam support skids designed as a permanent base. This skid is pre-engineered to allow correct support for the heater.

ASME Relief Valve-Pressure and Temperature

CEMLINE packages are provided with ASME pressure-temperature relief valves sized to relieve the total BTU input of the heating coils.

Digital Thermometer

CEMLINE heaters are provided with a digital tank thermometer with LCD readout to monitor temperature of the water within the vessel. The thermometer will be console mounted with a compound steam pressure gauge to monitor steam pressure at the coil. (Units heated with boiler water will be supplied with a boiler water thermometer to monitor temperature of incoming boiler water).

Water Pressure Gauge

CEMLINE packaged heaters are supplied with a large, easily readable pressure gauge.

Control Valve

CEMLINE package units are offered with several options of control, depending on specific requirements or desired preferences. Valves can be provided of the pilot operated, pneumatically operated or electronic type. Control valves are factory sized and installed so the owner may rest assured that the valve provided with the heater is correctly fitted and engineered to meet the specific job requirements.

U-Bend Heating Coil, Rolled into Copper Lined Tube Sheet

CEMLINE manufactures a complete line of boiler water, steam, and high temperature hot water heating coils, which are constructed of copper or copper nickel or stainless steel tubing. The tube sheets for these coils are copper lined, and units provided with circulating pumps are designed with a copper wrapper surrounding the coil to provide an efficient means of providing the best heat transfer from the coil to the water to be heated. Recovery systems are quickly and efficiently sized to handle specific load requirements to meet any need.

Integral Bronze Circulator

Bronze fractional circulating pump circulates the water over the coil, thereby maximizing the heat transfer efficiency of the coil. The pump is selected to match the operating conditions of the water heater.

Single Solenoid Safety System

Standard Safety System
This is an over-temperature safety system which will close the main control valve upon an over-temperature condition. This system utilizes a digital electronic adjustable thermostat with LCD readout which monitors the temperature of the water and if an over-temperature condition is detected, sends an electric signal to the valve, thereby closing the valve. This system requires a 120 volt 5 amp circuit.

Solid State Operating Control

The CEMLINE CEM-TROL® incorporates operating and limit functions in one solid state controller. The controller features a LED display of the temperature and on board operating PID temperature control along with high temperature safety cut offs and alarm indications. The CEM-TROL® simplifies the control of the Packaged Water Heater, enhances the look of the product, and follows industry trend to solid state controls.

Alarm Bell

An alarm bell is furnished to sound an alarm in the event that either the primary or secondary high temperature limits are exceeded. An alarm silencing relay allows manual pressing of a button to silence the alarm bell, but red warning light remains on until the alarm condition is corrected.

Remote Start/Stop

This feature allows the Packaged Water Heater to be started or stopped from a remote location. Typically this would be accomplished from the Building Automatic System (BAS). Requires a dry contact suitable for 24 Vac and 1 amp.