Advantages of CEMLINE® Vertical Packaged Storage Boiler Water Fired Plate Heat Exchanger Water Heaters

SPH-ISO---lrCemline Vertical Packaged Storage Boiler Water Fired Plate Heat Exchanger Water Heater (SPH) is a perfect solution for domestic water heating systems using hydronic boilers including cast iron, copper tube, water tube, or specialty high efficiency condensing boilers. The SPH heat exchanger allows high efficiency condensing boilers to operate more efficiently since the SPH heat exchanger can return the boiler water to the hydronic boiler at lower temperatures than the traditional u-bend heat exchanger. The boiler water can be returned to the boiler as low as 90°F from the SPH water heater.

The SPH heat exchanger has a high heat transfer rate allowing for maximum heat transfer between the boiler water and the domestic water. As the heat is transferred from the boiler water to the domestic water, the boiler water can experience large temperature drops through the heat exchanger using less boiler water without experiencing laminar flow on the boiler water side of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can even allow for temperature crosses between the boiler water outlet and the domestic water outlet temperature, meaning the domestic water outlet temperature can be greater than the returned boiler water temperature.

This heater can be used in many hydronic heating style applications including those systems using low temperature boiler water. The SPH heater can also be used in condensate systems by recovering heat from the condensate to produce hot water.

Cemline Vertical Packaged Storage Boiler Water Fired Plate Heat Exchanger Water Heaters (SPH) are completely packaged and ready for use. The tank allows for storage of hot water and all components are sized, mounted and piped prior to shipment. The heaters come complete and require only connection to services.

Cemline Corporation © Storage Plate Water Heaters are available with Cement Lined STONESTEEL© or 316-L stainless steel vessel in sizes 60, 120, 200, 300, 500, and 680 gallon capacity. The time tested STONESTEEL lining is a unique formulation of hydraulic cement that is durable, reliable, trouble-free lining know for hot water storage. Optionally, the 316-L stainless steel is corrosion resistant and with solid 316-L stainless steel vessel no lining is required.

The Cemline SPH comes factory standard with a either a 2 or 3-way electronically operated boiler water control valve. The 3-way electronically operated control valve allows for close temperature control of the water heater by modulating flow of the boiler water through the heat exchanger. The 1000:1 turn down ratio of the control valve allows for accurate control of these water heaters.

WARNING: SPH water heaters are not recommended for water with hardness over 140 parts per million. If water hardness exceeds 140 ppm, either put a water softener in the system or use Cemline SWH series water heaters.