Recirculation Kit

A recirculation kit is REQUIRED if the water in the system is recirculated to the unit. The recirculation kit allows for the passing of recirculated hot water, which prevents overheated water leaving the FFH heater.

Packaged Unit

Completely packaged and skidded unit. The only connections to be made are the cold water inlet, hot water outlet, steam in, and condensate out.

Upstream Pressure Reducing Valve

In some installations, the steam pressure supplied will be above 15 psig. In these instances, CEMLINE can provide a pilot operated pressure reducing valve (PRV) to be piped upstream of the FFH that will reduce the steam going to the unit 15 psig.

Insulation Cover

The insulation cover is placed over the top of the heat exchanger to prevent heat loss of the heat exchanger. This high quality insulation is an extremely reliable means of minimizing heat loss.