Pressure Sensing Blending Valve

FFH heaters use a differential pressure sensing blending valve that blends cold water with the over heated hot water to deliver domestic hot water at a stable temperature with an adjustable range of 105°F to 180°F

Helical Wound Coil

The helical wound coil is designed to provide the maximum heat transfer from the low pressure steam (2-15 psig) on the shell side to the water locating within the tubes. The standard coil material is copper, however the coil is available in 90:10 copper nickel, and admiralty brass. The coil has a pressure rating of 150 psig

Ductile Iron Vessel

The ductile iron vessel has 2-15 psig saturated steam. The vessel is rated at 75 psig working pressure.

Structural I-beam support Skid Base

CEMLINE heaters are mounted on structural I-Beam support skids designed as a permanent base. This skid is pre-engineered to allow correct support for the heater.

Water Pressure Gauge

CEMLINE packaged heaters are supplied with a large, easily readable pressure gauge.