Built-in PID Control Signal

PID Control Signal used to modulate an electronic control valve or to control I-P transducer modulating an air operated control valve. The PID controller allows for precise temperature control of the water heater.

Built-in On-Off Switch

Allows for local on-off and is convenient for service in the unlikely event service is required.

Built-in Alarm Horn

The alarm horn will sound and fault LED will light on high temperature or secondary high temperature. The CEM-TROL® also features an alarm silence relay which will silence the alarm but not the fault light when the generator is being serviced. When the fault is cleared, both the alarm and fault light will automatically reset.

Built-in Single Point Wiring

Only one 120 VAC connection required to the unit, integral circulation pump is pre-wired to the control panel.

Built-in Operating Temperature Readout

The CEM-TROL® features an easy to read LED digital readout of the operating temperature.

Built-in High Temperature Set Point

In the event of high temperature, the CEM-TROL® will close the source steam or HTHW supply valve and sound an alarm.

Built-in Secondary High Temperature Set Point

In the event of the secondary high temperature set point has been exceeded, the CEM-TROL will open an optional water solenoid to dump over heated water down the drain.

Built-in Remote Temperature Setting

Building Automation System can remotely set the operating temperature using a 4-20 mA signal.

Built-in LED display of functions and alarms

The CEM-TROL® is designed for the user to tell at a glance how the system is operating. The built in LED displays make troubleshooting simple.

  • Power ON
  • Primary High Temperature
  • Secondary High Temperature

Built-in Contact to Notify BAS (Building Automation System) of Functions and Alarms

This control allows for simple and reliable interface with the BAS via dry contact closures so the BAS can monitor the packaged water heater from a remote location. The BAS can also start and stop the packaged water heater.

  • Power ON
  • Primary High Temperature
  • Secondary High Temperature
  • Operating Temperature (4-20 mA)
  • Any Limit