Electric Control System

Cemline elements are controlled by immersion thermostats adjustable to the desired temperatures and magnetic contactors. In our basic arrangement, the thermostat sensing bulbs are located at the various levels in the tank. As hot water is drawn out of the top of the heater, the level of cold water rises, turning on one thermostat at a time, which in turn energizes the contactors and elements in sequence. When the hot water consumption decreases, hot water accumulates in the tank from the top downward and the elements are in turn de-energized. Progressive engerizing and de-energizing of the heating elements in this manner balances the electric demand to hot water consumption. The element and heater load is normally divided into small increments which come on and go off in the manner described above. This means if a small amount of water is drawn from the tank only a small percentage of total load will come on to recover it. If, however, a large demand is experienced, a greater percentage of the load will come on to recover this usage. This system is extremely reliable, simple and automatic.


Cemline electric water heaters are equipped with magnetic contactors to close and open circuits as required for load control.


Cemline EHB Series heaters utilize "Class J" type fuses. Each contactor line is protected by an individual fuse, which is designed to interrupt power in the event of an overload condition.


Cemline EHB Series electric water heaters are factory wired, utilizing heat resistant, color coded copper wire. All components are factory wired to a generously sized terminal strip for solderless connections. Heaters furnished with circuit breaker or disconnect switch are factory wired to load side of breaker or switch.

Low Water Cut Off

Cemline electric units are furnished with electronic low water cut off, wired to open the control circuit on a low water condition.

Electric Control Cabinet

Cemline electric elements and controls are mounted in a NEMA 1 enclosure with a key lock door.

Final Assembly & Testing

Cemline packaged electric water heaters are thoroughly tested prior to shipment. All components and workmanship are guaranteed for a period of one year from dated of start-up or eighteen months from the date of shipment, which ever comes first.

UL Listing

Cemline electric water heaters are listed and labeled as required by Underwriters’ Laboratories.