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Domestic Abuse and Support Services Websites This document was compiled in when every effort was made to ensure its accuracy. Please alert cedar if you become aware of updates, changes, deletions. The mission of the arises out of faith in God who calls the worlds into being, creates humankind in the divine image, and intends for us the blessing of wholeness and harmony with God, with creation, with. Art Therapy Special Projects Art therapy is a specialized way of using the power of the creative process as a vehicle for healing, communication, self-expression and personal growth.

It is a method of. Call here to find out who CAN help. Remember, numbers change and information may no longer be accurate. If you have trouble with a number, try calling Information. River Oaks Community Church Local Missions Support Bethesda Center for the Homeless The bed emergency night shelter serves a cross-section of homeless men and women who have shortterm emergencies and. Daran H. If you need.

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Brief of 6 months activities. Behaviour change 2. One of the ways we do that is through our comprehensive resource list. This list is comprised. Sipamla 1. Introduction Following public hearings. Paul D. This booklet guides you on what to do, and explains other medical.

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Louis, Missouri, Master of Education in Counseling. B3J 3K3 Tel. Box , Jeffrey s Bay Social workers practice not only in the traditional social service agency, but also in elementary schools; in the military;. SUE W. An Outreach of Impact Africa is bringing hope to orphaned and underprivileged children in the poverty stricken areas of Johannesburg through Impact Kids Preschool and Community Care Centres. Child Abuse 1. Naval Hospital,.

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Start display at page:. Chad Price 2 years ago Views:. View more. Similar documents. Questions about the Race, Community More information. During office hours 9. Barren County.

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Harlan County. As Amathole District Municipality we have organised this event to unlock the economic opportunities for the farmers in the district. The Department of Agrarian Reform and Rural Development has committed itself to working with the district in developing skills.

With a strong focus on both trade and tourism initiatives, viable investment opportunities have been identified in a number of priority sectors. Renewable energy is one of the priority investment sectors. The Cacadu District Municipality has identified a number of projects and areas pertaining to this sector within the district that have the potential for success. Renewable energy is energy that occurs naturally and therefore is not limited like that of coal, oil and gas.

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It is also sustainable and less damaging to the environment. The district has not only identified projects with potential, but has also ensured that solid plans and protocols were drawn up after extensive research.

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Renewable energy within the Cacadu District offers potential in terms of investment opportunities, infrastructure development and job creation. Assessment and Planning In order to be prepared for the accommodation of renewable energy projects, it was necessary to first understand the current renewable energy landscape nationally, and specifically in the district.

A rapid assessment and audit was done in order to identify what was currently happening in the district with regards to renewable energy, and to make recommendations on how to promote and manage these projects.

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Having an audit of this nature ensures that municipalities within the Cacadu District can prepare themselves to accommodate renewable energy projects. As a result of the audit, a number of recommendations with regards to renewable energy were made. The Cacadu Municipality and relevant authorities are currently working on implementing these recommendations. In light of these recommendations, a land use and locational policy for renewable energy has been drafted and adopted by council, encouraging local municipalities to use land responsibly when it comes to implementing renewable energy projects.

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In addition, the municipality hosted a renewable energy seminar for relevant councillors, municipal managers and officials at the District Municipality and Local Municipalities in order to build capacity within the district related to the emerging renewable energy sector.

A Regional Renewable Energy Coordinating Forum has also been established to ensure that renewable energy efforts within the region are coordinated. The policy and strategy of a provincial guiding document on renewable energy practice and policy has already been drafted. The forum would be the central point for coordination and information sharing regarding renewable energy. Renewable Energy Projects With the planning and assessment in place, there are a number of renewable energy projects in different phases of development in the district. The lack of a sufficient energy supply in the area is currently hampering economic and housing development.

However, research has found that the area provides consistent wind patterns for renewable energy, and therefore the BCDA have two projects which are poised to provide the area with much needed energy. One of the sites, the Cascades hydro-electricity site has the potential to generate 3. The initial implementation study on the sites and the project is currently awaiting the necessary permits in order to go ahead with further development.

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Together they have developed a concept for the development of a 1 MW wind farm consisting of 20 x 50 kW wind. Jobs will be created during the construction phases of the various projects and thereafter for long-term maintenance of the sites and equipment. In terms of community development, the municipality is involved in the set-up and maintenance of community trusts for a number of areas where renewable energy projects are established, a requirement by the Department of Energy which requires project coordinators to prove that the project will aid socio-economic development in the area.

In this regard, the coordinators are required to set up a trust to ensure that the community benefits from the project, an important. Apart from the abovementioned projects, there are a number of renewable energy projects, undertaken by private developers or companies, currently in various phases in the district.

Future Plans With solid plans in place in terms of wind energy, the municipality is also looking at investigating the potential of biomass as a source of renewable energy, an initiative which has great employment potential for the district. The municipality aims to ensure that all current projects are successful in terms of both energy generation and community development.