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Every Friday we'll set up Johannesburg specific speed dating sessions and set you up on three, second dates! Filter Off is modeled after real-world speed dating and is designed to get those with confidence, courage and crazy schedules meeting each other face-to-face. We look at your age, location, height and education preferences and attempt to find someone that fits all of them. These events will take place in the Johannesburg , South Africa area. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Multiple Dates.

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Log in. Event Saved. For some Operation Reindeer as it was called, was an undisputed military highlight, The drifting dust and smoke of past battles interfere seriously with seeing a clearer picture. In this review article three different works from different even serious contradictory perspectives by three authors are discussed in an attempt to get more clarity on this much disputed event and its outcomes.

Evolving experiences: auto-ethnography and military sociology - a South African immersion more. Notes on qualitative research with specific reference to auto-ethnography. Tips on writing a thesis from an auto-ethnographic perspective in military sociology. London: Routledge. ISBN: Images: The Seesaw haunting keeps Killing the Living more.

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  7. Reconstruction and the reciprocal other: The philosophy and practice of ubuntu and democracy in African society more. Publication Date: Publication Name: Politeia. Political Leadership and Transition in South Africa more. An inquiry into the role of political leadership during transition to democracy in South Africa between and Paper updated and refined between and Publication Date: Publication Name: Unpublished paper. Militaries need natural areas for offensive and defensive combat-readiness programmes. Here soldiers, war machinery and munitions are employed to prepare forces to execute warfighting tactics.

    Integration of environmental considerations Integration of environmental considerations into military activities is a growing global challenge. This study is based on a qualitative approach underpinned by an extensive literature review. The potential for the contribution of the military to a sensitive and diminishing wetland on the West Coast of South Africa SA is addressed. One of only 15 island ecosystems on the southern African coastline, lies within the boundaries of the area. Saldanha Bay was identified as an economic development node by the national government.

    Developers of fish and bivalve farms are allowed up-scaling aquaculture operations. These result in the loss of ecological attributes of the Langebaan Lagoon Wetland system. Ecosystem indicators monitoring bird life, water and sediment quality, fish and rocky intertidal macrofauna in the DMTA waters should be intensified. The DMTA as a benchmark ecosystem in the Saldanha Bay area will facilitate environmentally sound planning amidst recent developments.

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    Integrating sections of the Langebaan Lagoon that is part of the DMTA into the existing internationally recognised wetland area, the military can contribute significantly to wetland conservation. Forget about roadmaps to peace. The aim of the operation was the The aim of the operation was the removal of Gadaffi or perhaps what in apartheid jargon was known as the "permanent removal from society of Gadaffi. The intervention was well planned and it was argued by the aggressors that "regime change" was the intent. In terms of oil and geopolitics the West and the USA had much to gain.

    The operation was jointly planned and executed with the USA's Africom in Germany playing a crucial role. The proposals for intervention to achieve a negotiated end to the conflict by China, Turkey and the African Union AU were brusquely and wilfully ignored by the power mongers in the West and the Right to Protect R2P deftly abused to achieve Western strategic objectives. The result was that a stable Libya with no debt to the world bank became indebted, a now divided country and the full-scale perpetuation of civil conflict.

    Western trade in oil continues working in cahoots with Western-supported warlords. Negative effects for Africa included destabilisation of Northern Africa. It seems that if you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. The USA and its "coalition of the willing" in their myopic understanding of what a new global order constitutes, are creating predictable circumstances which can only worsen the current situation also in Europe and in the Middle East and will have negative spin-offs on the globe for years to come.

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    Tussen vryheid en massamoord in Hornkranz-skadu The shadow of Hornkranz: Between freedom and genocide. Article published in Afrikaans. The battle or massacre depending on your perspective at Hornkranz in Namibia, kilometres south of Windhoek The Nama leader, Hendrik Witbooi, became a revered figure in the history of the Namibian people and is sometimes referred to as the "Father of the Namibian Struggle for Independence".

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    Durban: Just Done Productions. Ian Liebenberg et al Eds. Just Done Productions. Topic: Arms and arms procurement and civil-military relations Topic: Arms and arms procurement and civil-military relations. Food security, wheat production and policy in South Africa: Reflections on food sustainability and challenges for a market economy more.

    Wheat and wheat production is important for agriculture, food sustainability. Related to sustainable agriculture, accessibility of South Africans and wheat prices in a country where half of the population does not have enough food to eat, Related to sustainable agriculture, accessibility of South Africans and wheat prices in a country where half of the population does not have enough food to eat, this article addresses the market economy and its consequences.

    The TRC attempted to unburden the truth The TRC attempted to unburden the truth about a violent past in South Africa under apartheid colonialism and its destructive outcomes were not investigated. High hopes were held by the TRC chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Vice-Chair Alex Boraine to establish some clarity on past repression and human rights abuses as well as to provide pointers for redress and reconciliation. The TRC's final findings amidst some enthusiasm, controversy and critical acclaim were published as a five volume report.

    The SATRC was modelled on the Chilean approach and served as an example for some later truth commissions instituted in countries following a transition from authoritarian rule to democracy. The focus of the case study is public participation in the local government arena. The article examines the importance of public participation in the policy process and service delivery in Atteridgeville-Saulsville from apartheid times to The article examines the importance of public participation in the policy process and service delivery in Atteridgeville-Saulsville from apartheid times to post-apartheid rule.

    As a case study, public participation in the Tshwane Metropolitan Council previously Pretoria City Council or Stadsraad is traced back to the establishment of this " black township " a black location in apartheid jargon and investigated up until Public participation during the apartheid era was based on racial division.

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    Black people were not allowed to participate in the decision-making processes that affected their locality. Democratic government since , and more so since the acceptance of the democratic constitution, Act of , brought about an emphasis on equal citizen participation regardless of colour, status or geographical location. The Constitution enforces the responsibility of local government to ensure public participation in decision making. In democracies local government structures are traditionally seen as government closest to the people.

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    The term batho pele strongly implies quality service delivery to human communities as well as accountability and transparency with a " human touch ". Service provision should be informed by the needs and aspirations of the local communities, extracted from the community through participation.

    Making use of a qualitative approach, among others face-to-face interviews, the authors explore the case under review and how those who experience local government view the service delivery flowing from current policy and practice in contrast to that of the past. Jonathan Ball Publishers.

    ISBN 1 9 more.