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As the school prom looms, Floyd, Marcus and Yvette wish to ensure that T. However, this causes them to unknowingly set T. But the plan backfires as T. But when T. But his plan goes haywire when Marcus does not go along with one of T. Later after a talk with Floyd, T. Marcus, Mo and T. Ferret as payback for getting him in trouble with the boss for explaining that T.

Meanwhile, Mo gets a job at a law firm for the project and loses his job after failing to deliver a document to be sent to the U. Government, and ends up in T. Stevens as Mr. Carter as Sasha, James K. Ward as Principal Militich. When the basketball coach quits in the middle of a game after Coach Gerber finds out that his wife has decided to leave him, the team must come up with another coach or forfeit -- so T.

Meanwhile, Yvette has second thoughts about quitting the cheerleading squad. LeBeau, June Christopher as Mrs. Feeling that it's time for his dad Floyd to start dating again, T. They set him up with a woman named Jamie, who ends up hitting it off with Floyd -- and Yvette and Marcus who didn't even want Floyd to be set up fearing that he won't be able to use the car on dates like her. Marcus decides to step up and become the smarter brother for the first time, which he finds to be hard. However when T. But T.

Guest starring: Yeardley Smith as Mrs. Ross, Andrew Hill Newman as Mirisch. The school's chemistry lab catches on fire, and when Mo's burned chemistry book is found in the rubble, Mo becomes the prime suspect and he gets suspended, prompting T. After it seems Mo may be done for during a mock trial that T. Bringleman who set the fire after T. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to get noticed in the school play, even though his role has no lines. Guest starring: Taylor Negron as Mr.

But when everyone involved in the project complains about T. Instead of the music video, T. Meanwhile, Yvette falls for a hunky swimmer named Xavier, who's a little shallow -- and she stresses over if she is only into him for his body. Guest starring: Francesca P. Roberts as Mrs. Henson as Monique, J. Delk begins to reprimand him due to the fact that their constant rounds of back-and-forth about various school subjects are disrupting the class from learning anything.

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One day in class when T. Delk that most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence signed it on August 2, instead of July 4th — and the students cheer T. Delk wrong — Mr. Delk teaches T. After T. Delk come to an agreement that they can debate about facts one-on-one, just not in class. In the meantime, Marcus and Mo try to figure out how to get into a female self-defense class in order to meet girls but after they get in, they regret it after they become the practice dummies and end up in serious pain. Guest starring: Jack Blessing as Mr. To stop Deion from following her and asking her for dates even though she is not interested, Yvette agrees to T.

The plan takes a turn when Mo becomes infatuated with Yvette and sets out to make her his girlfriend with T. At the dance, T. Meanwhile, Floyd gives Marcus an after-school job on his roofing squad as a valuable life lesson when Marcus gets mediocre grades on his report card. Guest starring: Arvie Lowe, Jr. But things become complicated when T.

Meanwhile, Yvette teaches Mo how to cook so he can pass his cooking class, but is ends up causing problems when the family thinks that Mo's cooking is better than Yvette's, leading to a food fight in the kitchen. Marcus and Mo decide to bet on T. When Marcus apologizes and helps him devise a play to confuse Socrates, he ends up winning. Meanwhile, Yvette resents Floyd when he does not pay any attention to her when she talks about her plans for her future.

When Yvette becomes disgruntled over having to share a bathroom with Marcus and T. The guys try to redo the bathroom after Mo gives them a floor plan Yvette drew up on what her dream bathroom would look like, and the Henderson men end up making a mess after Marcus fails to reinforce the floorboards after replacing the shower with a tub and it crashes into the kitchen, with T. Yvette tells Floyd that she wants decisions involving her to be made with her, instead of for her.

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Meanwhile, when T. Although Floyd initially refuses, T. But when the station does not air the commercial between 8 p. Fearing that he might be sent to jail after they see on the local news that they are looking for the culprit in the incident, T. When Marcus and Mo convince T. But the competition goes too far when after Yvette scoops a story from Mo that was meant to be featured in The Veritas , T. When the two make amends, T. Guest starring: La'Myia Good as Tina. He finds T. Floyd makes T. Brandi agrees to hang out with T. When Anthony "The Hammer" Williams, the star player of the Piedmont High basketball team is in danger of flunking history and being off the team, it's up to T.

After a talk with Floyd, T. Everyone is still mad at T. Walsh as Mackey, James K. Ward as Mr. But when Homer is faced with having to go to a zoo if he can't learn anything, T. Ultimately despite T. Yvette has problems with Homer as well, when he runs away each time she tries to hug him. Meanwhile, Marcus and Mo try to get rich selling "nutritional, energy supplement" candy bars. But they discover that Deion is involved them in a pyramid scheme , when they discover that he has convinced every other student in school to sell the bars as well.

The duo however is unable to sell the bars to people once Homer gets to the package and eats every one of the bars up — though Marcus and Mo decide to sell the leftover bars to the zoo as food for monkeys.

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  • Guest starring: Arvie Lowe Jr. Bonham, J. Cullum as Paul Co-starring: J. After hearing of tales of Floyd's Uncle Mert, a s activist who staged a sit-in at a lunch counter in North Carolina after he was refused to sit in the lunchroom because he was African-American, T. When the students constant lateness to class to get lunch off-campus causes Vice Principal Militich to impose a ban on students going off-campus to eat lunch, T. But not all the students take the sit-in very seriously, and when they are faced with expulsion, only Floyd can talk some sense into T.

    After meeting him, T. They think they can trust him, but they soon run into trouble when they discover Mark may be a child molester. Luckily, T. Meanwhile, Marcus and Mo buy a used car that does not seem to run, and have Yvette buy a stake in the car. After attending a dance class with Yvette and seeing her teacher — whom Yvette has a crush on — show off some incredible moves, T. Floyd after a little nudging from Yvette and the school's dance teacher Mr.

    Tierney convince T. Tierney put on an awesome show at the school's dance recital. Meanwhile, Mo finds out through an aptitude test that he should be a motivational speaker, but later is disappointed when he finds out that his aptitude test was mixed up with another student's and his dream job is to be a vice principal.

    Militch, J. When Mo's parents leave for a second honeymoon, Marcus and T. Meanwhile, Floyd objects to Yvette dating a college guy. When the fighting becomes too much for Mo to take, he decides to leave. Floyd starts having doubts when T. Harrison, making him question his importance in T. Meanwhile, Marcus and Mo find out that Deion is exploiting their personal style by photographing them for a fashion magazine against their wishes. So they come up with a plan to make Deion look like a fool, by making themselves and other students look unfashionable.

    When Brandi finds out that T. Meanwhile, Mo tries to attract an older woman who happens to be the mother of one of T. Oliver as Curtis, Bryan A. When the drummer in Marcus' band Mackadocious has to drop out because of his failing grades, the band has to search for a new drummer and finds one in a girl named Stacey. Free Sex Dating in Marakana, Province of North West

    Yvette and Mo enter a contest at a mall to win a Volkswagen Bug , and go up against two other men for the car, with the last one sitting in the VW Bug declared the winner of the car. But when they end up the last ones sitting in the car, Mo and Yvette try to use the same sneaky tactics they used to ace out the other players to get the other out so they can win.

    In the end, Mo tries to get sympathy from Yvette by claiming he needs to win the car in order to get away from his parents' fighting -- only for Yvette to realize he stole the sob story from an episode of 7th Heaven , Yvette forces Mo out the car, but loses anyway when she finds that one of the contestants who left the contest a couple of days earlier -- a former English teacher named Sidney Bloom -- snuck back in the car and hid in the trunk.

    Meanwhile, Marcus gets a date with a sophomore who has a reputation, but the date ends up ruined when T. Craig as "Ravin' Dave" Brooks. When Floyd leaves town on business and forbids Marcus to throw a party while he's away, T. Marcus goes along with the plan when T. But when the party gets out of hand -- leading to a destroyed window, a soapy floor due to a makeshift slip and slide and guests getting drunk, Marcus gets in trouble anyway and he takes the rap for T. Floyd has a talk with Marcus that T. Marcus does admit to Floyd that he could have stopped the party, and he is just as responsible for the party as T.

    Meanwhile, T. The Hendersons throw Mo a surprise 17th birthday party which he already found out about thanks to a message left on his family's answering machine , and at the party Mo walks in on a conversation between his parents and accidentally learns that he is adopted. Mo finds out that a woman who was a musician is not his birth mother, but finds out that his real mother is a psychic in Delaware.

    Mo's parents and Floyd let Mo known that even though he is adopted, that his parents love him anyway. Things come to a boil when T. Floyd and Hillary later have a talk about the scuffle between their sons, leading them to break up over a disagreement about each other's parenting of their kids. Meanwhile for a school project in which they have to run a business, Marcus and Mo start a hair-cutting business that cuts into the business of a burly hair salon owner named Mr.

    Jerome and despite a warning from Yvette, they don't take it seriously; they eventually end up getting confronted by him, after he finds out that Marcus and Mo are charging half the price as his business.

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    Marcus and Mo take their project in a different direction afterwards by starting a "'hood safari". Coach Gerber takes over as math teacher, but he needs T. Marcus is pressured by Floyd to pull up his slumping grades, and he resorts to even trying to get T. When Marcus, who doesn't think he needs to study because he wants to make it big as a musician -- ends up passing his test, he and Floyd have a chat about Marcus' academic future.

    Meanwhile, Yvette meets a guy named Calvin and is shocked to discover is actually 15 years old and a sophomore. When she makes a speech to the entire school cafeteria, that she is no longer ashamed that she is going out with him, Calvin drops a bomb and tells Yvette that he is now seeing a sophomore -- who attends Howard University.

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