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Drawing on interviews with actors and directors, this is the first book to explore the remarkable history of collaborations between stage and screen and considers key questions about adaptation that concern all those involved in theatre, film and television. Jelena Marelj, Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada Jelena Marelj's study examines five linguistically self-conscious characters drawn from the genres of history, tragedy and comedy, which continue to be subjects of extensive critical debate: Falstaff, Cleopatra, Henry V, Katherine from The Taming of the Shrew, and Hamlet.

Showing how the dialogue between Shakespeare criticism and postcolonial studies has evolved, this book offers a critical vocabulary that connects contemporary and early modern cultural struggles. The book includes guides to further reading and online resources which make this an essential resource for students and scholars of Shakespeare. And if it is down to us to assess ourselves in our reading, is there a secure division between text and self? This provides both an indispensable guide and an intervention in the ongoing critical debates about queer method both within and beyond Shakespeare and early modern studies.

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Clearly elucidating the central ideas of the theory and its history, it also illuminates current debates about historicism and embodiment. This book provides the first critical overview of his work as a director, including detailed discussions of representative productions during his artistic directorship of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the National Theatre. The book draws on archive material, reviews and other published commentary, including that of actors who have worked with him.

This guide offers students and scholars an introduction to its critical and performance history, including notable stage productions and film versions. It includes chapters outlining major areas of research on the play and four new critical essays. The critical, web-based and production-related resources section give readers some directions to explore this unsettling play with students and its annotated bibliography provides a basis for further research.

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This volume offers a thought-provoking guide to Richard II, surveying its key themes and critical reception. This collection of critical essays offers the definitive introduction to Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine plays and new perspectives on these seminal works for students, teachers and scholars. It provides a detailed overview of the reception and stage and critical histories of the two parts from the s to the present day.

Beyond placing the plays in their historical and intellectual contexts over time, the volume also provides a series of new perspectives ranging from repertory studies and the history of travel, to meteorological and theological readings. They offer fresh approaches to literary and cultural analysis, offer accessible introductions to some current ways of exploring the relationship between the three early texts, and present analysis of some important recent responses to Hamlet on screen and stage, together with a set of approaches to the study of adaptation.

From sci-fi to graphic novels, from boy scouts to board games, from cult films to the cult of theatre, Shakespeare is everywhere in popular culture. This is the first edited volume to address both the many ways in which Shakespeare has entered into popular culture and more particularly the geekiness of Shakespeare scholarship itself. But what does it mean for the actor portraying these roles to to play dead?

And what obstacles in playing dead are the same for women actors playing alive? A critical analysis of key early modern plays including Doctor Faustus and Richard III, revealing how physical disability operates as a metaphor for both theatrical personation and textual forms. The first part considers the relationship between actor and character: prosthetic disabled figures with names like Cripple and Stump capture the simultaneous presence of the imaginative world of the fiction and the material, embodied world of the theatre.

The second part considers the relationship between plays in their theatrical and in their textual forms, a relationship that has been understood in part through an appeal to disability. Yuichi Tsukada demonstrates that, far from not involving himself in the phenomenon of nostalgia for Elizabeth, Shakespeare interacted closely with retrospective writings on Elizabeth and illuminated the complex politics behind the nostalgia. Long recognised as one of the most exciting publishers specialising in drama and the performing arts, Oberon has a reputation for publishing some of the most challenging, exciting drama happening right now.

With the combined lists of Oberon, Methuen Drama and The Arden Shakespeare, Bloomsbury is now the leading publisher in drama and the performing arts. Oberon Books will join www. In time, books will move to the Methuen Drama imprint.

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In the meantime please order from www. Booksellers please speak to your local agent see p. William C. Its sparring between sexes is enchanting but shadowed by melancholy and the ethical uncertainty latent in the title. If this is the way of the world, are we supposed to cheer, despair, or shrug our shoulders? Exploring the challenges of staging this highly melodramatic play, Karen Britland guides you through the most interesting points of its rich performance history, and discusses recent productions. Exploring its masterful poetry, she shows how the work can be harnessed to engage in contemporary social debates about privacy, torture, surveillance, and personal freedom.

The slamming of the front door at the play's end shatters the romantic masquerade of the Helmers' marriage when Nora acknowledges her need for individual freedom. Ibsen's play shocked its first audiences with its radical insights into the social roles of husband and wife. His portrayal of the caged 'songbird' in his flawed heroine Nora remains one of the most striking dramatic depictions of the late nineteenth-century woman. This Methuen Drama Student Edition contains introductory commentary and notes by Sophie Duncan, offering a 21st century perspective on the play.

Brecht projects an ancient Chinese story onto a realistic setting in Soviet Georgia. In a theme that echoes the Judgment of Solomon, two women argue over the possession of a child. Thanks to the unruly judge, Azdak, the peasant Grusha keeps the child she loves, even though she is not its mother. This edition contains introductory commentary and notes by Kristopher Imbriggota. I like the internet. I like that way of talking to people. And most of what they say is about sex. National Theatre Connections is an annual festival which brings new plays for young people to schools and youth theatres across the UK and Ireland.

Commissioning exciting work from leading playwrights, the festival exposes actors aged to the world of professional theatre-making, giving them full control of a theatrical production - from costume and set design to stage management and marketing campaigns. This anthology brings together 10 new plays by some of the UK's most prolific and current writers and artists alongside notes on each of the texts exploring performance for schools and youth groups.

Dani is At the funeral, unannounced and unprepared, Michael decides it is time to speak. Death of England is a powerful new monologue play by Roy Williams and Clint Dyer that explores family feelings and a country on the brink.

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This edition was published to coincide with the world premiere at the National Theatre, London, in This edition was published to coincide with the world premiere at the Royal Court in February , performed by Kate O'Flynn. Alistair Beaton, Playwright, UK A gripping portrait of life in wartime Berlin and a vividly theatrical study of how paranoia can warp a society gripped by the fear of the night-time knock on the door.

Unemployment and violence darken every Glasgow close, Scotland have been knocked out of the World Cup, Grease is at the top of the charts and seminal Scottish punk band The Jaggy Nettles are imploding.

This kind of love is unheard of, they say. Stubborn and opinionated, they keep watch as family secrets are spilled and the rift widens between Tara and her parents. Can these representatives of generations passed keep the family together? The Glee Club, made up of five hard-working, harddrinking miners and a church organist, is preparing for the local gala. Britain and music are about to change, so too are the lives of these six men. Will anything ever be the same again? A raucous comedy featuring live music, this new edition of Richard Cameron's celebrated play was published to coincide with a revival by Out of Joint Theatre Company.

It features five challenging plays by Irish writers, and one by an international author, interrogating and commenting on crucial events of Irish history and of the diaspora, with introductory essays by established academics. It is a play about race in America, but it is also a play about who gets to make art, who gets to play Shakespeare, about the qualitative decline of the American theatre, about actors and acting, and about the nature of unadulterated love.

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A unique play anthology featuring five gripping audio docudramas that each explore pivotal historical events in American history. From debates about the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press to the development of the Atomic Bomb and the Civil Rights movement, these five plays represent key moments in U. S history from the 21st century and dramatise these important themes with originality and flair.

Originally commissioned by L. A Theatre Works and presented as audio dramas these plays are designed to be read, studied and above all, performed. Becky Shaw is an amusing and cleverly constructed comedy about ambition, the cost of being truthful and the perils of a blind date. The fast and funny dialogue navigates between five distinctively perverse and disingenuously dysfunctional characters.

From the moment that Becky arrives overdressed for her blind date with straight-talking Max, it is clear the evening won't go to plan. In the immediate fallout, Becky becomes an object of devotion for her boss Andrew, who appears to have a taste for vulnerable women. In turn Andrew's wife Suzanna turns to her step-brother Max for comfort, and their desire resurfaces.

James Graham I want to tell you a story. And it's true.

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That's what makes it a good fucking story, right, 'cause all the best stories are true. Fleet Street. The Sun rises. Ink premiered in London before transferring to the West End and Broadway. Election night in the U. Holed up in a hotel watching the results flood in are the likely Presidentelect, his wife, advisors and twenty-year-old son John Jnr. Every speech, interview and photocall has been carefully controlled and meticulously orchestrated, all leading up to this big night. Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, Edmund Kean, the greatest actor of his generation, has collapsed on stage whilst playing Othello.

A young black American actor has been asked to take over the role.


But as the public riot in the streets over the abolition of slavery, how will the cast, critics and audience react to the revolution taking place in the theatre? At the same time controversial photos of John Jnr are gathering momentum on the internet. Whilst his father's advisors work against the clock on damage limitation, it's up to father and son to try and reach an agreement. Lolita Chakrabarti's play creates imagined experiences based on the little-known, but true, story of Ira Aldridge, an African-American actor who, in the 19th century, built an incredible reputation on the stages of London and Europe.

On the Nature and Purpose of Drama David Mamet This is a classic work on the power and importance of drama by renowned American playwright, screenwriter and essayist David Mamet. In this arresting series of essays, David Mamet explains the necessity, purpose and demands of drama.

In three tightly woven essays of characteristic force and resonance, Mamet speaks about the connection of art to life, language to power, imagination to survival, public spectacle to private script.

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Self-assured and filled with autobiographical touches, it is a call to art and arms, a manifesto that reminds us of the singular power of the theatre to keep us sane, whole and human. While a member of Peter Brook's theatre company, Yoshi Oida developed a masterful approach to acting. Written with Lorna Marshall, Yoshi Oida explains that once the audience becomes openly aware of the actor's method and becomes too conscious of the actor's artistry, the wonder of performance dies. In a new foreword to accompany the Bloomsbury Revelations edition, Oida revisits the questions that have informed his career as an actor and explores how his skilful approach to acting has shaped the wider contours of his life.

Essential Contacts for Stage, Screen and Radio "An essential tool for all actors" - Christine Payne, Equity This well-established and respected directory supports actors in their search for work on stage, screen and radio.