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Zhuhai is a beautiful seaside sity in southern China. Come and join us for the first Zhuhai Service Jam! Participants with different background are warmly welcome to work in a global challenge. Be ready to change the world! Con este encuentro, esperamos divertirnos, compartir conocimiento, crecer y fortalecer nuestra comunidad en Medellin.

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Prague Service Jam is a weekend-long workshop to gather creative people to experiment, play and design. Teams will be supported by an inspiring selection of mentors during the event to deliver a service prototype by Sunday afternoon. Both newbies and experts are welcome. You'll walk away with new methods for your service design toolkit, share a few meals with new friends, and create service with a positive impact with a team of fellow jammers.

Copenhagen Service Jam is open for creatives and service design enthusiasts. You will be working with people you might never have met before, bouncing ideas off one another and building on what bounces back. People all over the world are 'Jamming' on the same theme, sharing insights and supporting each other from abroad. And it's not just talking - you are here to turn your ideas into a concrete design, developing a prototype and plan of action that suggests how your idea can become real. Helsinki Service Jam brings together people from different backgrounds for a weekend of service design for the 10th time!

Join the Jam to learn the process and methods hands-on, meet new people, get inspired and just to have a good time. Service Jam is open for all people, regardless of your background or experience in design. You don't want to miss these 28 hours! This will be our 4th Jam in Oulu and greatest so far. The organising team is bigger and better.

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There will be more coaching that ever. Don't miss this chance to stretch yourself and learn tools, methods and attitudes. Hello there, We are the Parisian jammers, ready to put our creativity and brains in action! Beginning as a team of two colleagues, we hope that many others will join : We are thrilled to meet new people and have a beautiful creativity room in Le Marais to host the Service Jam.

Be part of the first Jam in Bochum. Important: Everyone is invited! Topic: Top secret, but open for your creativity. It's all about tackling a real problem, testing assumptions and generating ideas for solutions and get into prototyping to gain feedback. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us! Join professionals and students to create ideas and share skills in 48 hours. Anyone interested in service design, problem solving and meeting new people is invited.

We welcome all service design enthusiasts for three days of hard work and loads of fun. This year we take on the challenge and participate in the deep jam track. Team up, work on, learn from each other and have a good time! Join us for the Munich Service Jam in Augsut Be a part of a global initiative to collaboratively solve a mystery challenge over the course of 2 days — using design methods. Dear Jammers in and around Dresden, we are happy to invite you for the 8th!

Service Jam that we hold in Dresden. We are an experienced and grown team of mentors and facilitators who love the format and the spirit of the weekend. For those who have been jamming with us before: We are planning to implement some new features, so for you it should be relevant and exciting as well. As always, the ticket price will include meals so you can focus entirely on jamming, socializing, learning and enjoying the community. Same Jam awesomeness, but each team gets their own special location, with bigger meetings happening only in the park.

This limits exposure but keeps the community aspect and it simply will be awesome! This year we are offering a smaller version of the Service Jam Wiesbaden — but with the same spirit and as much fun as we've had the last three years. Let's come together to discover problems, connect the dots and develop ideas and prototypes that hopefully inspire the whole world. Stuttgart Service Jam is back! Come and join us to get hands-on experience of the Service Design processes and tools, meet like-minded innovators, and be part of a global initiative. You will work in teams and have less than 48 hours to develop and prototype completely new services, products or initiatives inspired by a shared theme.

The event is in English and international as the Organisation Team! It's Jam time in Hong Kong! Join your fellow service designers and design thinkers for an event you won't forget! Whether you are an experienced designer or completely new to the idea, you'll love the process and will meet amazing people.

Bangalore Service Jam is the local chapter of the Global Service JAM, a global event which was conducted at locations across the world on the same weekend. Check out all the locations the Jam was conducted in the world. We are excited to host and to get you all together for this. Please step forward and register. One place where you meet variety of people all of your thoughts on various design and service approaches can come together to form a mental or physical modal.

If you have attended a GSJam before good, if not, then be ready for some crazy ideas sprouting in your heads and prototypes growing in your hands. All that matters is, what you can, will do in these 48 hours! Imaginie you problem solving while having loads and loads of FUN! Be there. If you have had the missing urge to bring a change, to innovate, to co-create a new service or a product within 48 hours with a group of people who think like you we'd love to Jam with you! What's a must to be a part of this group is to have the craze to learn from each other and build on ideas.

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Come with an empty slate in your head and be ready to get exhausted with a super fun weekend. Are you ready for a challenge? Want to develop and implement creative ideas? Chase a crazy deadline at the same time? Meet cool new people? Learn more about a hands- on approach to creativity and problem solving? Design a service or customer experience that may become a real business?

Its to have some fun..! What is jam?

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Here people interested in creating service using a design based approach to problem solving. In this teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services and publish to the world. Who should attend? Any one can take part, who are interested in creativity and innovation. Learn more about a hands-on approach to creativity and problem solving? It's time to have some fun! This time, we are excited to kick-off with an online jam. We will spend the weekend Jam From Home with you wherever you are! BUT what's a Jam? One special weekend, people interested in service and customer experience will meet at locations all over the globe.

They will be designers, students, academics, business people, unemployed people, customers, mums, and grand-dads. In a spirit of experimentation, innovation and co-operation , teams will have less than 48 hours to develop and prototype completely new services, products or initiatives inspired by a shared theme. At the end of the Jam, they share this with the world. For everyone!

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  4. Student or worker, businessman or civil servant. Backround and the profession doesn't matter. All that matters is your desire to learn new skills and use them to create a new prototype in 48 hours that can be implemented in a city or country.

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    An event for innovators in Kuwait City at the weekend to develop new innovative services. Design prototypes for the services. Testing the solutions with the users. Publish the solutions to the world. What is a Design Jam? Regardless of previous experience, people interested in creating services, whether in public or private sector are encouraged to come together on generating ideas and tangible prototypes. Fast pace of work in small groups, focus on users' needs, inspiration from various industries Join us for Luxembourg Service Jam on the weekend of August 8th ! Over the mindset of improving the place we live in and create relationships of value between citizens, we want to summon people from different disciplines and ages with the common interest in service design, to develop creative solutions through design thinking methodologies while we learn hands-on together.