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Yvonne Chaka Chaka: I'm in negotiations to buy my music masters In this episode of Hanging out with Clement, musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka speaks about her childhood, career and family. FNB: No penalty if you didn't have money in your account for early Dec debits 'Some debit orders went off as early as the 11th! Comedy clubs will return once life normalises assures 'godfather of SA comedy' Covid forced Joe Parker to close down his Joburg club. He wraps up the year that was on The Money Show. During the all-race elections, some Coloured people voted for the white National Party. This political alliance, often perplexing to outsiders, has sometimes been explained in terms of the culture and language shared by White and Coloured New National Party members, who both spoke Afrikaans.

In addition, both groups opposed affirmative action programmes that might give preference to non-Coloured Black people, and some Coloured people feared giving up older privileges, such as access to municipal jobs, if African National Congress gained leadership in the government. Since the late 20th century, Coloured identity politics have grown in influence. The Western Cape is considered as an area in which this party might gain ground against the dominant African National Congress.

The New National Party collapsed in the elections.

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Coloured support aided the Democratic Alliance's victory in the Cape Town municipal elections. Patricia de Lille , former mayor of Cape Town and founder of the now-defunct Independent Democrats , does not use the label Coloured but many observers would consider her as Coloured by visible appearance. The Independent Democrats party sought the Coloured vote and gained significant ground in the municipal and local elections in , particularly in districts in the Western Cape with high proportions of Coloured residents.

The firebrand Peter Marais formerly a provincial leader of the New National Party has sought to portray his New Labour Party as the political voice for Coloured people. Coloured people supported and were members of the African National Congress before, during and after the apartheid era: notable politicians include Ebrahim Rasool previously Western Cape premier , Beatrice Marshoff , John Schuurman and Allan Hendrickse.

The Democratic Alliance won control over the Western Cape during the National and Provincial Elections and has since brokered an alliance with the Independent Democrats. The Congress has had some success in winning Coloured votes, particularly among labour-affiliated and middle-class Coloured voters. Some Coloureds express distrust of the ANC with the comment, saying that the Coloured were considered "not white enough under apartheid, and not black enough under the ANC.

According to The Christian Science Monitor , around 4 in South African marriages occur between members of South Africa's major ethnoracial groups, with trepidation toward interracial marriage polling far lower among black South Africans than among white South Africans. The term Coloured is also used in Namibia , to describe persons of mixed race , specifically part Khoisan, and part European.

The Basters of Namibia constitute a separate ethnic group that are sometimes considered a sub-group of the Coloured population of that country. Under South African rule, the policies and laws of apartheid were extended to what was then called South West Africa. In Namibia, Coloureds were treated by the government in a way comparable to that of South African Coloureds. In Zimbabwe and to a lesser extent Zambia , the term Coloured or Goffal was used to refer to people of mixed race.

Most are descended from mixed African and British, or African and Indian, progenitors. Some Coloured families descended from Cape Coloured migrants from South Africa who had children with local women. Under Rhodesia 's predominantly white government, Coloureds had more privileges than black Africans[? The term Coloured is also used in Eswatini.

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As far as family life, housing, eating habits, clothing and so on are concerned, the Christian Coloureds generally maintain a Western lifestyle. Marriages are strictly monogamous, although extramarital and premarital sexual relationships can occur and are perceived differently from family to family.

Among the working and agrarian classes, permanent relationships are often officially ratified only after a while if at all. The average family size of six does not differ from those of other Western families and, as with the latter, is generally related to socio-economic status. Extended families are common. Coloured children are often expected to refer to any extended relatives as their "auntie" or "uncle" as a formality. While many affluent families live in large, modern, and sometimes luxurious homes, many urban coloured people rely on state-owned economic and sub-economic housing.

There are many singing and choir associations as well as orchestras in the Coloured community. The Kaapse Klopse carnival, held annually on 1 January in Cape Town, and the Cape Malay choir and orchestral performances are an important part of the city's holiday season.

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Kaapse Klopse consists of several competing groups that have been singing and dancing through Cape Town's streets on New Year's Day earlier this year. Nowadays the drumlines in cheerful, brightly Coloured costumes perform in a stadium. Christmas festivities take place in a sacred atmosphere but are no less vivid, mainly including choirs and orchestras that sing and play Christmas songs in the streets. Petersen , and P. In , the Culture and Recreation Council was established to promote the cultural activities of the Coloured Community.

All South African children are expected to attend school from the age of seven to sixteen years, minimum. Initially, the Coloureds were mainly semi-skilled and unskilled labourers who, as builders, masons, carpenters and painters, made an important contribution to the early construction industry at the Cape. Many were also fishermen and farm workers, and the latter had an important share in the development of the wine, fruit and grain farms in the Western Cape. The Malays were, and still are, skilled furniture makers, dressmakers and coopers.

In recent years, more and more Coloureds have been working in the manufacturing and construction industry. There are still many Coloured fishermen, and most Coloureds in the countryside are farm workers and even farmers.

The largest percentage of economically active Coloureds is found in the manufacturing industry. Another important field of work is the service sector, while an ever-increasing number of Coloureds operate in administrative, clerical and sales positions. All the more professional and managerial posts and posts are.

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In order to stimulate the economic development of the Coloureds, the Coloured Development Corporation was established in The corporation provided capital to businessmen, offered training courses and undertook the establishment of shopping centres, factories and the like. Numerous South African cuisines can be traced back to Coloured people. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For usage of the term outside Southern Africa, see Colored.

For other uses, see Color disambiguation. Multiracial ethnic group of Southern Africa. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Play media.

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