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The arts have their place in every facet of a school, and the library is no exception. Thinking beyond traditional definitions, arts education could include teaching creative problem solving as well as continuous questioning of issues and ideas. The media center is the perfect venue to showcase students' efforts in the arts.

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This article gives…. This paper provides an in-depth analysis into two case studies aimed at addressing the digital divide in two developing countries.

A detailed description is provided for each case study along with an analysis of how successful the two projects were at addressing the digital divide in Siyabuswa, South Africa and Ennis, Ireland. The two case studies…. Position Paper.

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The Canadian Literacy and Learning Network CLLN is the national hub for research, information and knowledge exchange, about increasing literacy and essential skills across Canada. CLLN, a non-profit charitable organization, represents literacy coalitions, organizations and individuals in every province and territory in Canada. CLLN shares….

Tracing the Journey of 17 Emerging African Photographers

State of the South: Recovering Our Courage. In every state in the South, the percentage of residents with bachelor's degrees or higher who were born outside the state exceed the percentage born in-state, reflecting their dependence on imported talent over building their own talent-development systems. In Virginia, the Southern state with the highest percentage of residents with a B. Naturally Green.

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  • The one facility at school and university campuses guaranteed to be used by most everyone every day is the public restroom--a hub for germs and dirt. Applicants and their parents; visiting faculty and speakers; teachers and students--the variety of people who pass through a restroom and pass judgment is considerable. The impact is considerable….

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    Pennsylvania Intermediate Unit 8 IU8 seeks to scale innovations that are evolving as local solutions to educational challenges in rural school districts. Consistent with its mission of creating customized solutions, IU8 seeks to make the innovations better, meaning more learner centered and community focused. IU8 is evolving the Getting Better…. Final Report. Most of the world is multilingual--multilingual at the national level policies , at the community and family level practices , and at the individual level cognitive --and each of these has implications for teaching and learning.

    Yet, at present, most reading decisions are not based on empirical research of how children learn to read in…. Voutos, Gloria E. The driving force behind this effort is the district's vision: "the best and most sought-after school district where every student is future ready: Ready for college, Ready for the global…. Every city has many identities, depending on who one asks. A legislator, a police officer, a coach or a clerk might describe the same city's people, culture and reputation in starkly different terms. Washington, the nation's capital, is an international center of power, featuring stately embassies and serving as the temporary home to diplomats.

    In the raging controversy over the purpose of public education and how to fix the nation's underperforming schools, the voices of America's best teachers are seldom heard. Now for the first time, in a provocative book about the future of teaching and learning, 12 of America's most accomplished classroom educators join a leading advocate for a…. Since last 5 years. Since last 10 years. Since last 20 years. Foreign Countries. Elementary Secondary Education.

    Access to Education. Community Schools. Educational Change. Educational Policy. They also have the option of a paid service, where R10 vouchers can be purchased granting users access to uncapped Internet for a day. Malebadi says e-Mbizo also works with entrepreneurs on the ground to provide skills development, sales and technical support for customers.

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