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There come times when you can undertake com- mon action, with your English- speaking or Catholic or Jewish neighbour in the interests of the whites, -without affecting one iota or tittle of your Afrikanerdom or Pro- testantism. B's so easily found the road into the inclusive thoughts of the Afri- kaner Party, which as a fundamental test places the Hertzog demand of 'South Africa first.

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His special interest has been criminology and he was the crime reporter on the "Star" for many years. South African Murders. Tho two most interesting chapters naturally cover our two most recent murder trials, that of Mrs. Lee who was hanged. Bennet has collected some in- teresting material about Mrs. During the trial one got the picture of Mrs. Lee as being a cold-blooded calculating murderess. This she may well have been, but at the same time Benjamin Bennet draws a 'picture of a full-blooded person who enjoyed life to the full. He tells that on one occasion Mrs. Lee remarked on the poor quality of the photographs that appeared in the 'newspapers and would willingly have sat for new and more flattering photographs had she been permitted to do so.

She certainly made a more attractive show than the likenesses available to the press. During one short adjournment she noticed a reporter place a pepper- mint in his mouth. Inquiring sym- pathetically whether he suffered from indigestion, she advised him to be careful as it might be a case of gas- tritis. He should consult a doctor. Bennet is not one of those journalists interested in criminology because of the morbidity of the sub- ject.

He has an attractive and a; human approach which.

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This: book deserves a wide circulation and can be strongly recommended for those who do not find this kind of study too upsetting. The book is published by Howard Timmins, Cape Town, at 12s. Two ships loaded with relief' cargoes at Union ports have already passed' through Table Bay, taking the roundabout route up the west coast and through the Straits of Gibraltar to avoid-inter- ference- by the Egyptians; who' con- trol the passage through the- Suez Canal.

They include ships: that! The' ships from India are to- travel 13, miles via the Cape and Gibraltar rather than 4, via Suez. She will complete it at Cape Town early in December. On the Beachi Glorious View. Excellent table and servieM Lift to all floors. Recommended4 P. Box Address "Norman. Director: MAJ. Zionist Federation coincides with a happy year in the annals of Zionist history. Yet, it is also a critical year. In Israel our people are still at war and the Jewish State is still obliged to keep the flower of its youth under arms. Until such time as Israel dwells securely there is no room for rejoicing.

The Federation has, therefore, wisely decided not to convert the anni- versary into a season of celebration, but to go on with the usual and urgent daily work as befits a period of emergency. Nevertheless, we make no apology for devoting considerable space in this week's columns of the "Zionist Record" to the history of our move- ment in this country and to its founders.

It is right that we recall their memory so that their faith, their enthusiasm and their devotion should serve to stimulate us to further efforts. This is a time for renewed dedication.

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Just as the Mandate was a challenge to the Jewish. To-day we have only the foundations and the beginning of the building; the structure is yet to be completed.. To achieve that-and it is a task which will incidentally rehabilitate hundreds of thousands of homeless Jews-the Jewish people will have to mobilise every ounce of its energy and strength.

Israel must become a viable State. Our experience in the past has taught us that no one will help us to build our State; that we must depend on our own resources. It has been one of the outstanding features of South African Zionist history that at all times, in days of success and in days of setback, we insisted that our contribution to the cause can best be expressed through constructive 'effort. Our pioneers and early Zionists were never deterred by the fact that Palestine was smarting under the oppression of the Turkish Sultan.

Later, after the first World War, when immigration into Palestine was stifled by the Mandatory Power, we were undeterred and helped to build new settlements for the accommodation of more immigrants. When the purchase of land was restricted we went on with the acquisition of land. All along we were animated by faith in the future.

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In the earlier days, when the waverers and the indifferent regarded the Zionist as a dreamer and Zionism as a Utopia, there was indeed need for extraordinary faith in the success of our efforts. To-day, the world is convinced of the reality of Zionism. The Jew must equally become convinced that we are now confronted with our greatest opportunity since the beginning of our exile. Far from being carried away by the gratitude and praise which the Zionist leadership is extending to us on this solemn occasion, we must recall with all humility the fact that Providence has spared our commu- nity from the fate endured by our brethren in Europe and that we were privileged to do what we could for a great cause.

The fifty years of effort were indeed worth while. To those of our pioneers and builders who are no longer with us we now pay humble tribute. We who had the "Zechiah" of witnessing the climax of Zionist endeavour are animated by a feeling of thanksgiving: "Baruch Sheheheyanu Vekiyemanu Lazman Hazeh.

The main task of the journal was to maintain contact, firstly, between the outside Jewish world and the local community and, secondly, between the communi- ties in South Africa and the Federation. In its broader sense the term "contact" demanded an organisation of Jewish enlightenment-historically as well as geographically. In order to be well informed the reader will seek in his paper the -necessary con- tact with our historic past, with our present-day literary achievements and with the ideals that inspire the Jewish people-and the cause of Zion.

Geo- graphically the reader has to be made familiar with the developments in Eretz Israel and in other Jewish communities throughout the world. The past few years have demanded an emphasis on political work. The fight for the independence of Zion is as old as Herzl's first speech, but the pitched battle was first launched in , in the days of the White Paper. Since then the Jewish press has been, of necessity, enlisted into the great political fight.

At a time when inspired newspaper correspondents conducted a per- sistent and regular campaign against us, it was the duty of the Zionist newspaper to bring to the people in this remote land a full and authentic account of events and a true version of our aims. The "Zionist Record" endeavoured to supply the demand for enlightenment to the best of its ability, and we are gratified to note that the journal has attained a repu- Goldie Myerson, Israeli Envoy to the U.

R, is conversing with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, member of the American delegation and widow of the late President Roosevelt. Myerson is now on a visit to Israel prior to her return to Moscow. As with every other department of Jewish activity, great response abilities devolve upon the Jewish press during the coming years, both i regard to the upbuilding of Israel and our communal life in South Africa We have tried to meet the emergencies of the times and to keep pace witt the progress of the movement through the introduction of an extensive news service, the publication of the journal twice a week and the enlist ment of competent correspondents and commentators.

As for our own community, the "Zionist Record" has at- all time regarded itself as its "faithful servant. We pray and hope that before long, when the Jewish State has attaine peace, it will be possible to reduce the space'devoted to Zionist "politics and to concentrate on educational material. A Jewish newspaper is basic ally an educational institution. Its task is to propagate, in a non-Jewis language, the values of Judaism and the knowledge of positive achieve ments of the Jewish people. It will be our resolve on this our 40th anniversary to be worthy o the traditions of our founders and to continue to serve the cause of Zionisr and the community of South Africa.

Board Jewish Education. During a comparatively short period of activity t Board has acquired a "-number of imposing buildings and has establish a network of institutions ranging from nursery schools to a Teacher. The S. Board of Jewish Education has indeed displayed vision and imaginativeness.

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Undeterred by the Jeremiahs who keep on talking of "apathy" and "indifference," they continued to build new institution and to provide better facilities for the development of Jewish education The community is indeed greatly indebted to them. Johannesburg is to-day one of the leading educational centres in tl Union.

Apart from the large local Jewish school population, the cit attracts annually Jewish students from all parts of the country. At th same time the community itself has spread over a wide area and it obvious that with the development of suburban congregations the preser school accommodation will be totally inadequate. The Linksfield Educe tional Centre is situated in an area with a large Jewish population an will thus cater for them, but its main Value lies in the fact that it is th first determined effort for many years to establish a Jewish day schoe in Johannesburg.

The day school has met with initial success, but it is only a beginning The community must now enable the Board to proceed with its magnify cent undertaking and to establish the institution on a sound footing. Some of its institutions should be endowed by generous members of the community, so that they are fre from the burden of mortgages and from the cost of upkeep. Johanner burg Jewry can never have too many educational centres. Our very futu is dependent on them.

The time has not yet come for the assessing of the out- standing contribution made by the numerically small Jewish com- munity of South Africa to the Jewish national revival and the establishment of the Jewish commonwealth in Palestine. Only those possessing intimate knowledge of the history of the last 30 years know of the yeoman service rendered by your Federa- tion during the most critical phases of our movement. Your Zionist enthusiasm and judgment has been a tower of strength to leaders of the movement at every stage of our struggle.

I feel that with the establishment of Israel, co-operation with South African Zionism in upbuilding the Jewish commonwealth will now be even more significant and creative. May this Anni- versary Day become the starting point for new efforts, out- shining even your past unique achievements.

Ben Gurion. It had taken me nearly a week to get the interview, and only through influential and high Government contacts. Outside, the waiting room and cor- ridors were choked with deputations representing almost every branch of economic and military life in Israel. Suddenly one of the doors in the room opened and an unannounced man of stocky build walked in smiling. The Prime Minister looked up and watched the man for a while and then said: "Walk across the room again.